Organic herbs in cosmetics offer a multitude of benefits for our skin and hair. Harnessing the power of nature, these herbs are cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic additives.

Algae can help stimulate hair growth and make hair moisturized. Has a targeted effect on damaged areas and restores even the most tired hair.

Lemongrass Effectively strengthens hair, stimulates hair growth, moisturizes and softens hair.

Aloe has the ability to help the skin regenerate. Aloe extract perfectly softens the skin, making it more elastic and hydrated.

Mint extract has a calming effect on skin, relieves fatigue due to a mild local irritant effect, affects skin neuroreceptors. Well tolerated by sensitive skin.

Oak bark extract helps to effectively combat excessive sweating. In addition to deodorizing and antiseptic properties, oak bark extract is endowed with a fairly strong astringent effect and is a good antioxidant.

Matcha extract is full of antioxidants that slow down aging, helping to make skin firmer and fresher.

Basil is a powerful antioxidant that perfectly tones and nourishes skin that has lost its natural beauty.