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Who We Are

Organic Shop is a brand of modern and natural cosmetics that promotes the idea of ​​using organic cosmetics and makes it a must-have for everyone!

We take care of what is most important to you: we have pure, juicy and pleasant-smelling formulas created from organic ingredients. Organic Shop accumulates the magic of youth and the power of fruits! Most of our products are approved by the Vegan Association and certified according to the Cosmos Standard. Organic Shop products do not contain microplastics.

Each of ORGANIC SHOP line products meets three main requirements:


Since 2011.

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Just what you need!


These fun, oddly shaped jars will stand out from the rest of your cosmetics, and after use they can be recycled, saving our environment.


Have we mentioned smells yet? They are simply amazing! For sure, you will want to eat a mango scrub, but please do not! A facial peeling with apricot extract will delight you with the fresh smell of fruits.


We have different lines with working ingredients for face, body or hair and everything for affordable price. Be sure to try everything and you will definitely find something for yourself!